11 November 2009

Happy Birthday, Granddaddy!

Pictured:  TGR, Jr. & TGR, III (circa 1945)

I received the following from my father today:

  "T G R, Jr.      11 Nov 1916 (would have been 93 today)

  didn't finish high school.....a little thing like the Great Depression came along when he was 12...     and he worked
  drove to California from Virginia in a Model T Ford and back ...when he was about 18... (the     equivalent of a round the world adventure today)
  served in the Navy during WWII.... didn't deploy overseas
  paid off his mortgage.....
  never got his GED ... yet provided for his family, we all got through college....and left an estate for his wife and family

  a father, grandfather and great grandfather...."

I miss you, Granddaddy!